The below information will cover the most common questions management are asked about the building.

Need help

Building management are on-site regularly and available 24/7 for building emergencies. For all non-urgent matters residents are requested to log their enquiry via ‘Building Link’ accessible via the following link

Electricity & gas meters 

Residents will need to contact a service provider to set up an account for electricity and gas supply.

Generally the utility provider will have a record of your meter numbers and may visit site to conduct a meter reading. If you need to provide this information yourself see below locations of meters:

– The gas meter (grey square box) and the hot water meter (orange circular meter) are generally located inside the apartment either under the kitchen sink or in the laundry.

– The electrical meter is located in the corridor outside the apartment in the cupboard marked electrical services, all service providers will have the generic key to access this cupboard. Building management can provide access to this cupboard only if the service provider will not conduct a reading on your behalf.

Connecting your telephone & internet

Residents will need to contact a service provider to set up an account for internet & telephone services. The service provider may need access to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF), which is located in the car park down the south end in front of the bike storage cage, they should have a key to this area but you will need to let them into the building.

Visitors parking

There are spots allocated for 24 hour visitor parking only in the car park. Residents are not permitted to park in these spots and action will be taken against offenders. If bona fide visitors require parking longer than 24 hours, they will need to seek permission from the Strata Committee. Please forward this request to building management and they will forward the request to the Strata Committee.


All pets in the building must be registered with management by submitting an application form available in the forms section of this website.

New access cards

If you have require a new or have lost your access card please complete the access card request form available in the forms section of this website.

Waste Collection

City of Sydney Council offer a weekly collection of mattresses, bulky household items and furniture, along with metal, whitegoods and e-waste. Please place all items for disposal in the corner of the bin-room, to the left of the roller-door as you look towards the driveway. The items are collected on Tuesdays and collections must be logged no later than Monday, so please ensure that all items for collection have been put out by Monday morning.