Management Information

Sonoma Apartments Waterloo has a dedicated building management team run by Sydney Building Management and Projects who take care of the day to day running of the building such as all maintenance items, building access and other daily matters affecting residents living at the building. Building management can regularly be found on-site or are available via phone 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Residents are requested to report all non-critical items by logging onto ‘Building Link’, which is the program used to manage the building. Residents will be given a logon to ‘Building Link’ when they register their details with management.

Building Link Logon

Contact information:
(Please report all non-critical items via ‘Building Link’)
Phone: 02 8319 5820

The strata manager acts as the secretary for the Owner’s Corporation taking care of the buildings finances and is the person to contact in regards to levy enquiries and payments. The Strata Manager is also the conduit to the Strata Committee for all correspondence and will issue notices to owners on behalf of the committee including levy notices and breach of by-law letters.

SP69746 (Building C/D/E)                                                          SP71241 (Building A/B/F) 

(Strata Central)                                                                           (Strata Sense)

Reena Van Aalst                                                                          Joanne Jenkins

(02) 8036 5518                                                                             1300 859 044 and  02 8488 9927                                        

Level 5, 203 – 233 New South Head Road,                                Suite 903, 418a Elizabeth Street,

Edgecliff  NSW  2027                                                                   Surry Hills, NSW 2010

The Strata Committee is made up of apartment owners and makes decisions regarding the running of the complex. All owner’s have the option to be on the Strata Committee whom are elected annually at the buildings Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Building management and the strata manager rely on the Strata Committee to make decisions which are outside their scope of approval.
To contact the Strata Committee please direct your correspondence to either strata or building management who will pass the correspondence on to the secretary. Please note that your correspondence may not be addressed until the next Strata Committee meeting (usually quarterly).
Strata Committee meetings are held approximately quarterly throughout the year. Owners are allowed to attend meetings but are not allowed to participate with the meeting unless they are invited by the committee. The Annual General Meeting is held once a year.